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If you have the SocialEngine Video plugin, you might want to allow YouTube videos to be added. This tutorial shows you step by step how to do that.

You will need to be logged in to your AdminCP Dashboard and into your Google account.

Google Steps

If you don’t yet have a Google account, create one here.

  • Log into your Google account and go to the Developer Console.
  • Skip this if you already have created a project for this domain. If this is your first time there, you’ll be prompted to create a project. If you’ve already done other projects, create one for this domain. Using your site name is a good idea for the project name. create google project
  • Once you have a project created, if you are not already in the project, be sure you select it from your project list. You can either select it from the list at the right or from the drop down. Note that you can always tell which project you are in by looking at the drop down as it shows the current project. google select project list


google select project

  • Now that you are in your site project, you need to enable the API. You’ll find the APIs in the Library tab. Select YouTube Data youtube api
  • Once you select YouTube Data API, you will be in the Dashboard menu for that. Select Enable. google youtube api
  • Once you enable it, you will be on a screen showing a notice that you need to set up the credentials. Click Go to Credentials. google youtube credentials
  • Leave the first selection at the default Youtube Data API v3. For the “Where will you be calling the API from?” selection, choose Web Server. For “What data will you be accessing?”, choose Public and then click “What Credentials do I need”. google youtube credentials
  • Enter a name for the key or leave it as their default. Leave the IP address blank. Click Create API key. google add api key
  • Now you will see the API key that you need( ours is blurred out ). Copy your API key and click Done. google api youtube
  • Head on back to your SocialEngine AdminCP.

SocialEngine AdminCP Setting

  • In your AdminCP Dashboard, click Plugins >> Video socialengine video
  • Click Global Settings and enter your YouTube API key that you copied from Google into the input box for it. socialengine youtube api
  • Click to Save Changes and test adding a YouTube video in your video section.

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