SocialEngine – Tweak the Comment and TinyMCE Input Sizes

Need bigger a Comment and/or TinyMCE edit box for your SocialEngine site? This tutorial will show you how to tweak your SocialEngine 4.8.x and was written using SE 4.8.12.

For this tutorial, we recommend using a clone of one of the default themes, or using a custom theme. We don’t recommend editing a stock theme as those should be kept pristine for troubleshooting purposes should the need arise. We cloned the stock “Modern” theme.

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Setting up Sendgrid

Create an account at SendGrid and you can click the free one.

Once you create the account and confirm the email, fill in the profile details and continue.

You’ll see a notice that your account is being provisioned. This can take a few hours or more/less. You can’t sent mail until the account is fully provisioned. Wait to change your SMTP mail for your site until after it is provisioned.

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