Making a Site Email Address with Zoho

Since Google does not offer free site email addresses any more, you need to have something for receiving mail that is reliable and looks professional with your own site web address ( In comes Zoho.

This is where you set up the email account and read more about their features at Zoho.

The Lite plan is free for up to 10 users. That is what we use for our sites.

Add your domain on the screen after choosing your plan. This is so you can have an email from your site.

zoho add domain

Add the info on the next screen to finish signing up. This is where you will create your first email address so make sure it’s something you want.

You’ll get a congratulations screen. Click to set up at the bottom of this screen.

Verify the domain.

I chose the HTML method to verify my domain after making the email address. Download the html file as they show in their tutorial and upload it to the folder mentioned there.

Have your host set the MX records if you are not able to do that in your server control panel.

Follow along with the rest of their easy set up steps and you’ll have your email all set up in no time!

You’ll see all the info for your domain you set up and what you need for the MX records here .

Your dashboard for managing your zoho account and email stuff is found here . It is very similar to how Google works, if you previously used Google then you shouldn’t have any issue getting used to Zoho.

You can access your email here to read it.  If you want to use a mail program like Thunderbird, you can also do that. Just click on Settings at the top right when you are accessing your email at the link previously mentioned for checking your mail. Then, click on the Email Forwarding and Pop 3 menu on the left. You will then see the settings to put in Thunderbird or whatever mail program you are using.

zoho pop3

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