Learn How to Tell When You Have a Script Bug and When You Need Support.

When you are having issues on your site and you need services to help get those issues fixed, you might get a response such as, “That’s a script issue” or “That’s a bug with the script”. Since our support plans are not for “script issues” or “script bugs”, this article can explain the difference between the two, in non-technical terms.

In general, a bug is a problem with the script coding that needs to be fixed by the script developers. These problems can be reproduced on other sites and are not just issues on your own site. Most times, the script developers will release patches, versions, builds, etc in order to fix their script bugs. Our services do include patching a site with patches from official sources. We cannot guarantee these patches as we didn’t make the code, but we guarantee that if we patch a site, it will be done properly. We also offer upgrade services for when a bug fix had to be released as a version or build. Those are separate services from our support services and have separate fees.

A site issue is something that is specific to your site. It is not bad coding in the script, but something that just doesn’t seem to be working for your website. These are not script bugs and these are covered by our support plans during the term of your support plan. Sometimes these issues are from changes you made, changes on the server, database issues, bad code in a third party product, bad code in something you may have added to the site, etc. If the issue is with your server, we can let you know what you need to tell your server support as we don’t adjust servers, optimize servers, or fix servers through our support. That would be something that would need a custom quote.

Sometimes site issues are caused by third party products. For that, we offer best attempt support. Why best attempt? Because we didn’t make the code and other developers did. They would be the best ones to fix their products as they know how they coded them. As such, we can troubleshoot third party issues and try to resolve them if possible. If the issue is from the coding of the product, and not from some conflict that we can resolve, then you would need to get the developer to fix it (we would give you information about the issue) or have a customization done in order to fix the issue. Customizations are not covered in our support.


For this we use PHPfox for examples.

Script Bug Example:

The Hashtag feature is not working with Non-Latin characters on your site. It works fine with Latin characters such as #hello but if your users put  #Онлайн you see a problem when the tag is clicked. Searching the issue tracker, you find this bug report which is confirmed, https://github.com/moxi9/phpfox/issues/596 . It’s a good idea to find the issue trackers for whatever script you are using so you know if something is a script bug. Script bugs usually require the script developers to fix them and then release a patch or upgrade.

Script Support Example:

You set up your site to invite only and now no one can register. This would be an example where you would want support and submit a support ticket to us. We can help you learn the settings, set the settings, or show you where tutorials are for these sorts of issues. This issue isn’t in the issue tracker so it’s most likely a setting issue. If you aren’t sure, ask in our ScriptTechs forum or send a ticket to us if you have our support plan.

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