Learn How to Change the Date of Your Posts

Perhaps you want to add some articles/posts that you had previously made on another site and are moving to a new site, or maybe you wrote them earlier and want everything sorted by specific dates. No problem! Here’s how to edit your posts, or set the date, so you can have the dates how you want them.

For a new post

  1. Write your post and you can choose to save it as a draft so you can view it or you can just publish it once we are done.
  2. On the right you see Publish immediately. There is an Edit link next to that. Click it.
    wordpress edit publish
  3. Edit the date to what you want and click OK. Note that you can set articles/posts to publish in the future also.
  4. Publish when done.

For posts already done

  1. Go to your post and Edit it. wordpress edit post
  2. On the right you will see the Published on date with an Edit button. Click Edit.wordpress edit publish2
  3. Now just set the date you want and click to Update the article.
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