AdminCP View Private Messages phpFox V4

In phpFox version 4, the old feature to view private messages is removed from the AdminCP and makes it a bit harder to manage the site if you get complaints about stalking, pm spamming, etc. Here is how to add the feature back and no core edits are needed for this.

  1. Go to AdminCP >> Blocks and click Add Block
  2. Title: View private messages (or have it what you want)
  3. Type: HTML Code
  4. Controller: AdminCP.index
  5. Placement: Block 1
  6. Code (change the “” to the url to your site) You can hover over the code below to expand it and copy to clipboard.:
  7. Submit when done.

The view below was before I added some styling to the block code.


View private messages

View of the block after it’s done:

view private messages

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