Setting up Sendgrid

scripttechs sendgrid tutorial

Create an account at SendGrid and you can click the free one.

Once you create the account and confirm the email, fill in the profile details and continue.

You’ll see a notice that your account is being provisioned. This can take a few hours or more/less. You can’t sent mail until the account is fully provisioned. Wait to change your SMTP mail for your site until after it is provisioned.

Your dashboard will show buttons for important steps. Below are some of the details you’ll need in order to use the SMTP settings.

Add Whitelabels

sendgrid whitelabel

Add Whitelabel domains

sendgrid whitelabel domain

  • If you haven’t added a domain, you need to add one with a unique subdomain for this email account.

sendgrid add domain

  • Add the three CNAME records to your DNS records where your domain is hosted.

Add Whitelabel email links

sendgrid email links

  • Add your unique subdomain for this and choose the domain you set up before.

sendgrid email links2

  • Copy the CNAME records and enter those at your domain host as well.
  • More details about Whitelabels is found at Sendgrid.

Now that you have Sendgrid set up, you need to add the SMTP details to your script mail settings. If you are not sure how to do this, we offer the service through our BryZar support plans.

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