PHPfox V3 Google Check-in

We’ve seen issues lately with clients trying to get the Google Check-in working in PHPfox V3. After several attempts, we were successful in making it work on our development site.

1. Go to Google and get your API key

–Click Continue under Create new project
google api1
–Name your project and enter in your domain as it’s best to put one and click Create
google map api2

–Get the API key and enter it in your PHPfox AdminCP google api settings. (it is easier to find the setting by using admin search and put google in the search box)

–Now in your Google account you need to set the OAuth for this map api.

google map api3

–In the OAuth screen, enter the info you want and note that most things here are optional and the only required thing to add is really just the Product Name which can be anything you want your users to see. Click Save when done.

2. Go to your AdminCP and enable Check-in (easiest to search admin settings by searching for enable check as that will find it faster)

3. Clear cache in AdminCP at your site and test the check-in feature.

If the above still doesn’t work for your site, you need to make a server version of the API.

1. Go back to your google account API screen for this project you made there. You will see your API in the list and a button for Add Credentials. Click to Add Credentials

google map api4

–Select API Key

–Select Server Key

–Put a name for the server key and if you know the IP of your server, put that as well but you can leave that blank too.

–Click Create

2. Put the new google api key in your PHPfox AdminCP settings for that. Ensure there is no extra space at the end of the key you enter.

3. Clear cache and test.

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