Using Mandrill for Your Site Transactional Email

Using Mandrill for your Site Transactional Mail

First you need an account at mandrill .

Once you sign up, the next screen asks if you want to use SMTP or API method. With the API method, you have more control so that is how mine is set up.

It’s best to set up an app for each domain you have, in case you have more than one domain.

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Learn How to Change the Date of Your Posts

Perhaps you want to add some articles/posts that you had previously made on another site and are moving to a new site, or maybe you wrote them earlier and want everything sorted by specific dates. No problem! Here’s how to edit your posts, or set the date, so you can have the dates how you want them.

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Drupal Install on Xampp Win 8.1 Troubleshooting

After having several failed installs of Drupal in Xampp for Win 8.1 and surfing for answers, I finally got it to install. Several tips didn’t work out. The installer itself, upon an error, had a link to click to “go to error page”. All that did was finish the install which was a partial install and messed up.

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