Move the Blog Tag Block in phpFox

ScriptTechs phpFox tutorial

Want to move the tag block for Blogs in phpFox? Here’s how to do that.

We recommend to have a custom theme and use a template override for this. This tutorial is written for phpFox v3.9.

First, open module/blog/template/default/block and find the file entry.html.php

Second, open module/blog/template/default/controller/ and find view.html.php

Make your template overrides in module/blog/template/yourtemplate/block and copy the entry.html.php file from module/blog/template/default/block/ into your override folder. Now copy the view.html.php to your module/blog/template/yourtemplate/controller/. This will keep you from modifying source files which is recommended.

Once you have your override file, if you made one, open entry.html.php and find around line 70:

Delete it but keep a copy of that code as you need to insert it in the view.html.php as we’ll show you.

Open view.html.php and paste the code where you want it. We put it right after the author name around line 16:

Manually clear site cache from file/cache after you’ve saved both of the files you just edited.

Check the site. You might need to clear cache again from admincp in order for the changes to show. Tweak these as you need them. Here’s how ours looks in the Neutron theme:

scripttechs phpfox tutorial

If you have questions about this tutorial, please post them in our forum.

If you need us to do this for you, please ask us for a quote.

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