Learn How to Install SocialEngine Plugins and Packages

Make sure you’ve downloaded the .tar files for anything you want to install. This tutorial will show you how to install either plugins or packages for SocialEngine.

1. Go to your admincp http://yoursite.com/admin/

2. Click Manage and select Packages and Pluginsinstall se plugin
3. Click Install New Packages Se plugin install select
4. Click Add Packages¬† This will bring up a screen for you to select the .tar file that you’ve already downloaded for the plugin or package you want to install.Se install plugin add
5. Once you’ve selected the one you want to upload, you will see the screen with the item check marked and a continue button. Click continue. SE plugin continue
6. The next screen just tells you what actions will be performed. Click continue.SE plugin continue 2
7. The next screen asks for ftp info. If you have it, enter it. We chose None.  click continueSE plugin ftp1
8. If it successfully found where to install, you will see another screen showing that and a continue. Click continue. SE ftp plugin 2
9. You should see a screen that the files were installed successfully. Click Continue. SE plugin ftp success
10. Now you should see another success screen for the database. Click Finalize Installation.SE plugin db success
11. Now you can go back to the main screen as you should see the success screen. SE plugin success

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