Add Copyright, Contact Us and Other Footer Links in Vanilla Forums

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Version 2.2.1 of Vanilla Forums and below. Posted per the Vanilla Forums GNU General Public License terms.

You may find you want to add links to your footer menu. We did this in our custom-made theme, which is a recommended practice. We don’t recommend to ever edit default core files for any script you work with.

Below, we use yourtheme for the name of the theme. Substitute that for the actual name of the theme you made.

  1. Create a custom theme. (this is very easy to do so don’t be intimidated by the sound of it)
  2. Once you have your theme, open the themes/yourtheme/views/default.master.tpl file in your favorite editor. (We use either Brackets, Notepad++, NetBeans, or Komodo)
  3. Scroll down to around line 59 if you’ve not edited this file before and find the Footer code.
  4. To that, you’ll add what you want for your footer. Here is how we have it at our ScriptTechs Forum:
  5. Upload the file to your server, making sure to keep a copy of the original first.

We left the Vanilla Copyright on our forum to give credit to them for this great forum. There is a thread on their forum that says it can be removed (you need to verify that is still the case if you remove it). We recommend giving them credit though as they do provide it free and they have services they earn from so it helps them to spread the word.

Here’s what our footer looks like:

scripttechs footer

Questions? No problem! Ask at our official ScriptTechs Forum.

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