Add a Gender phpFox V4

This tutorial will show you how to add a gender for phpFox Neutron V4. It is done using V4.1.0 build 3 which is the current stable version. A V3 Video tutorial can also help you to visualize how to do things. There are just a few differences as to where to find the setting.

A bit about genders when making them or using creative genders.


Your site will show things in the feed for this gender when they do something.

Example: data66 updated her profile <– her is the gender


data66 has an image and is a female

profile.female (identifies this gender as female for default profile pics where the theme designer uses it and also is required for gender still)

we have also core.herself which is the plural for this gender but I don’t see it used in the phrases but we have to have it.

finally, data66 chose the gender female

female <–seen on the end for everything except the default male gender.

So if being creative


your singular gender

core.their <– member updated their profile

  1. Log into your AdminCP and go to Settings. Click the Settings found under User. user settings
  2. Once the user settings opens, you will see the current Genders and an empty box to add a new one. We will add the genders and then the phrases for them. In our example, we are using the Neutral gender.gender phpfox v4
  3. We added 3|core.their|profile.neutral|core.themself|neutral and then clicked Add.
  4. Now we need to add phrases for these. Go to Settings >> Language and click New Phrase. Be sure to fill in the phrase for each language of your site and submit each one.
  5. core.their with the text for their in English and for whatever language
    profile.neutral with the text for company in English and for the language
    core.themself would be good to add too as we have it in the gender. <– check to see if it was automatically added first.

    gender core phrase
    Core Phrase 1
    gender phrase
    Profile Gender Phrase

    gender core 2
    Core Phrase 2
  6. Now clear cache after adding all of that and test.
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